The season for cyclists here at the Locanda has just ended, but certainly not for us, local cyclists from the area, in fact, if the weather is nice, we love to go out for autumn rides embellished with the typical colors of this season, also because during this time of the year, especially after the rain of the past days, the air is fresh and crisp.

Fortunately, here in the last few months some beautiful paths of our hills have been paved, paths than before could only be covered by Mountain Bike. So I’m taking the opportunity to ride and discover these new climbs and keep a record on my GPS.

I honestly thought I had already seen the best sightseeing that our Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines has to offer, but when I arrived at the top of the so-called ascent of the Bicocca I was totally amazed: I was literally surrounded by olive trees, behind which you could admire the Rocca and the Medieval Tower of Brisighella!

Moreover, this road, which is now natural for me to call La Salita degli Ulivi (Olive Plants Climb), is only about 15 km from the Locanda, so even those of you who are less trained will be able to come and ride it with us in the next years.

It’s very simple and so close to our inn, once we have left our bike room, we need to head towards the small town of Borgo Tuliero, pass Sarna, then we continue in the direction of the medieval village of Brisighella, and just before Brisighella the new asphalted climb begins, and then descends to Modigliana. After stopping for a coffee and visiting this town with its Roman bridge, we can choose to return to the Inn or instead decide to continue our tour riding the Trebbio climb, and then enjoy the view of our Adriatic coast!

The next few months I will return to discover the other newly paved climbs that can now be finally enjoyed by bike… and I will keep you updated!