It finally seems that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Beginning next month the borders will reopen and we will be able to travel again!

…and I am super excited to meet again with all my loyal bike friends!

Still, everyone knows that it will be necessary to pay close attention to social distancing, especially avoiding gatherings:
the very peculiar, almost unique aspect of our Locanda is that we has only 4 rooms (but lots of space both inside and outside with a beautiful spacious garden with a swimming pool).

This intimate setting will certainly help keeping you away from any kind of crowded situations.

Locanda Camera con Vista

In these months of forced lockdown I kept in touch with many of our loyal guests who sent me photos while pedaling around the world with our uniform …now we really look like an international team of cyclists!

Locanda Camera con Vista

Looking at these pictures I came up with an idea, so that my friends like you could be part of the team too:

if you decide to come to visit us this year, you will then receive our personalized “no Traffic no Stress” uniform as a gift. You only need to decide which color you prefer… white or red ???