The first days of the year are those when you make good proposals and “positive” thoughts.

With this spirit I would like to tell you a friendship story that summarizes really well what often means a cycling holiday here with us.
The best feeling I have every year at the Locanda is to see the super relaxing atmosphere that it creates every time among cyclists who do not only know each other,  but often come from totally different parts of the world, and who meet here for the first time.

A friendship storyThis beautiful alchemy is certainly favored by the fact that our small Locanda, with only 4 rooms, is probably not perceived as a classic bike hotel but more often as a family-run meeting place where you can come back every year to ride together in a very small group that for example, will share the same emotions during a ride on top of the hills, and the same people are more likely to talk about those feelings later during brunch or dinner in our small and cozy dining room, maybe sipping a glass of good wine.
So every year it gives me great satisfaction to see some of our guests, who previously did not know each other, that decide, for example, to go out together, for a trip to Bologna or even just for dinner and when  the vacation is over keep in touch during the winter.

Two years ago something even more beautiful happened, when two of our guests met here: Steve, an Englishman who lives in France and Patrick, an Irishman who lives in Germany.

Evidently their friendship continued even after their holiday at the Locanda, because last winter they got in touch with me to let me know that they wanted to ret together in the same period, in order to participate in one of the many gatherings that the various local cycling clubs organize every weekends. And so last March this is what they did, and they were able to spend a wonderful week of cycling, tasting wine and food together, as if they we were old friends! And beside that during the same week, they met a German guest, Blaze, who also became friend and stayed in contact with Steve and Patrick.
The news is that for the coming season all 3 of them decided to get back together, so they will stay with us in the beginning of April!
I’m so proud to see that the Inn is becoming a meeting place for those who live far away during the winter!