The difference in altitude of these rides always exceeds the 1000 metres, but the total length of the ride however it’s usually within 100 km: for this reason a cyclist that has an average training can usually be able to enjoy the ride. In these rides, what matters is not so much the harshness of that ride itself, as the intensity with which you ride: Locanda Camera con Vista always puts first its customers, and their wellbeing, and wants for them to be able to enjoy of their vacation.

With this purpose in mind our guides always invite the cyclist to make the most out of his vacation, and to enjoy the scenery during our rides, so to be able to forget about any stress, leaving your watch in your room and any other worries behind.

Santuario della Madonna del Ghiandolino
Santuario della Madonna del Ghiandolino:
93 km
Altitude: 1150 mt.
Difficulty 45%

Santuario della Madonna della collina di Pondo
Santuario della Madonna della collina di Pondo:
 115 km
Altitude: 1300 mt.
Difficulty 55%

Rocca delle Caminate
Rocca delle Caminate:
 92 km
Altitude: 1160 mt.
Difficulty 45%

Monte Cavallo and Teodorano
Monte Cavallo and Teodorano:
 139 km
Altitude: 1267 mt.
Difficulty 55%

Short but intense
Short but intense:
83 km
Altitude: 1357 mt.
Difficulty 50%

Florence and Fiesole
Florence and Fiesole:
104 km
Altitude: 1350 mt.
Difficulty 50%

Passo del Carnevale
Passo del Carnevale:
99 km
Altitude: 1280 mt.
Difficulty 50%

Torre del Marino
Torre del Marino:
81 km
Altitude: 1150 mt.
Difficulty 40%