This itinerary will take you through Brisighella, a wonderful medieval town,  and after going through Brisighella we will continue going up to Rontana, and from here we will climb to the top, climbing the Poggiolo ascent, to reach the peak where there is a suggestive and isolated farm. From here we will continue downhill to Casola Valsenio, and then we will continue to the small fraction of Villa Vezzano, and from where we will ascent last climb of the day, that will take us up to Torre del Marino.
Marino Tower, is a tower built back in the 15th century, for defensive purposes: from here the view is breathtaking, not only you will be able to admire the Valley below, but you you will be able to see Faenza from above, while if you look toward the opposite side you will see the characteristic ravines, called calanchi, typical of these areas and Monte Mauro.

Distance: 81,25 km
Altitude: 1150 mt

Difficulty 90%