All these tracks exceed 100 km but their main feature is that they all exceed the 2000 in altitude difference: in fact these paths often provide the steepest hills of Romagna as Valletta, the Barbotto, Casale or Ciola. Consequently we strongly suggest these bike tracks to be addressed only by expert cyclists or well trained (or in preparation for competitions to be addressed during the year) for this matter,  our services are sometimes chosen by teams or amateur groups.

Lungo e intenso
Lungo and intenso:
141 km
Altitude: 2541 mt.
Difficulty 90%

20 Maggio 2015
20 Maggio 2015:
 133 km
Altitude: 2350 mt.
Difficulty 85%

The ride of the 5 thermal ascents
The ride of the 5 thermal ascents:
 112 km
Altitude: 2100 mt.
Difficulty 70%

Nove Colli, short edition
Nove Colli, short edition:
 142 km
Altitude: 1960 mt.
Difficulty 75%