Last month our territory, in particular Imola, has just hosted the Road World Championships.

This time at the Locanda we had the honor of being chosen by the Portuguese national team (including the former world champion Rui Costa) as their headquarters for the entire week of the event. I’m convinced that their choice to stay with us is also due to our personally oriented services for cyclists , we are becoming famous among the professionals of the sector!

But now I do not want to dwell too much on this which I really consider a beautiful experience.
On the other end, what I would like to point out to you is how anyone who came to stay with us, from many countries has been able to appreciate the beauty of our territory and in particular of our traffic-free roads that offer enchanting views and all kinds of options for any level of preparation: descents, climbs but also, and above all, undulating paths that pass on the crests of our hills.

Take a look at these videos to understand better what we did!
So in the end, I hope you can already plan to visit us next year, remember, in a small and safe structure like ours, you can forget about Covid 19, and you can ride with me every day surrounded by nature!

Next time you come I will take you to discover the path of the Road World Championships that professionals faced last week!
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