We believe that choosing a vacation dedicated to sport, you will enjoy pedaling up and down our beautiful hills, and you will be having fun discovering our typical food.
So, if you like, we will show you itineraries where you will be able to ride your bike while visiting wineries and local farms, where you will enjoy a wonderful tasting experience, savoring some of our typical wines, like Sangiovese and Trebbiano, artisanal beer, tasting our famous extra virgin olive oil from Brisighella, and also trying our regional cold cut and dairy products.
One last surprise…. Lately our large selection of typical food and wine, became even richer.
We are now able to offer you an artisanal beer tasting experience! You will amazed of the variety of food and wine Romagna has to offer!

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Group packages

If you are a part of a group or a team, get in touch with us for the best quotes!

Because Locanda Camera con Vista is a small Inn, that can at the most host 15 people, it’s perfect for groups and teams, so the whole structure can be reserved just for your group! 

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