This is a very particular moment for all of us, but I believe that this forced interruption of almost all our activities has given you the opportunity to reflect about our life.
Think about our absurd situation of humans beings invited to a beautiful party that takes place in a house, and the world, which however sees us only as guests, guests that are very welcome, but always and only guests.
Never as much as on this occasion we must remember that Destiny and Nature always have the last word over our illusion to dominate and bend world and nature to our will: it is exactly the opposite!

So I thought, come on, let’s enjoy this Life that has been given to us, at least until we have the chance to do so!
And right now, even more than before, I am absolutely convinced that, as soon as this bad pandemic ends, I want to go back to travel and to experience and visit the world as much as possible, and I want to visit every corner of the world, I want to enjoy every aperitif at sunset, every awakenings at dawn and, why not, every single bicycle ride while I pedal freely surrounded by nature!
Yes …I now realize that for me what matters the most is the quality of life, and every single emotion, during our short, free time!